Pictures are examples of the some of the types of stones I cut. I do make pendants in a variety shapes for each type of mineral. If you see a stone you like you can email me and I could sent you pictures of what I have at that particular time. Pendants are $28 in Canadian dollars. You can add a sterling silver snake chain for $16, for a total of $44. Taxes will be added where applicable. You can pay by PayPal or phone me with a credit card. You can also send me cheque from within Canada but that takes some time.

Ruby in Fuschite

Location - India, Helps one "bounce back" after tense physical or emotional situations.


Tree Agate

Location - India, Promotes acceptance of ones circumstances and offers long term help improving them.


Zebra Agate

Location - India, A grounding stone, Helps keep one in touch with aboriginal energies.



Location - Brazil, Quartz crystal help with self-esteem


Banded Jasper

Location - India, It promotes general health and was worn by healers in ancient times.


Lapis Lazuli

Location - Afghanistan, Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity.


Moss Agate

Location-India The gardeners stone, helps farmers when worn while planting.


Tigers Eye

Location-South Africa Helps in bringing harmony to families and relationships. Enhances good luck and brings prosperity.


Biggs Jasper

Location-Biggs Junction, Oregon. Biggs picture jasper is a stone of proportion and harmony and stimulate creative visualisation. Brings comfort and alleviates fear.









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